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Name:Dōjima Yurika
Birthdate:Mar 15

Name: Dōjima Yurika
Age: 18

Fandom:Witch Hunter Robin
Voicemail Link:555-HIME
Living Arrangements: Room 503 with Jennifer Scotts

Taken from the desk of Father Juliano Colegui:

Dōjima Yurika is 5'8", 120lbs, with blonde hair, blue eyes, and a tattoo of a sayuri (tiger lily) on her left hip. Dōjima Yurika has her completed her official SOLOMON testing as of October 2008, and is informally classified as a Class B Hunter and Intelligence Operative. She is officially registered as a Class D Hunter candidate for STN-J, and is due to begin her assignment with the Tokyo office in September of 2009.

Subject is a Seed, and should be considered armed and dangerous should she Awaken unexpectedly.

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Witch Hunter Robin is back-stabbing pyromania love
created by [info]clairejones

Dōjima Yurika is eighteen, beautiful, and a daughter of the influential and powerful Dōjima clan. She laughs hard, parties harder, and to the dismay of her parents often ends up in the tabloids and society pages for all the wrong reasons.

Desperate to try and reign her in, her parents jumped at the chance when she was offered a full-ride scholarship to an American high school, not realizing that they were being set-up by their daughter.

Once she graduates high school, Yurika will be working for the STN-J, a branch of the SOLOMON located in Japan. The STN is a group that monitors all witches, their families, and friends. If a Witch awakens to their power it's the job of STN-J to capture them.

Yurika will be what one might call the black sheep of the team, only she's not a rebel. She's carefree, a little ditzy, often late for work, stuck up, and can usually be found dozing off, or reading a fashion magazine. It will quite clear to her teammates that she only got her job because of her family's influence.

Dōjima Yurika will also be a mole. An undercover operative sent by SOLOMON to uncover the dark secrets hidden within STN-J. She's good at her job. Very very good. And once upon a time, she got her start at Fandom High.

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This is a role-play journal for the character of Dōjima Yurika from Witch Hunter Robin, for use at [info]fandomhigh. I do not own, nor am I actually Dōjima Yurika or her PB (Gemma Ward). No copyright infringement is intended, it's all for pretendy-fun-time games.

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